PerSCiDO helps you share research datasets.

Search Find datasets of interest thanks to metadata

The PerSCiDO platform is open to the exploration of datasets metadata thus helping users to easily find datasets through multiple search criteria. Both a user-friendly web interface and a SPARQL query widget are available.

Submit Submit datasets along with access & use rights

Let the PerSCiDO web interface guide you to describe the datasets you want to share. You can specify the conditions under which you allow other people to upload them and define access & use rights with Creative Commons licenses.

Reference Reference datasets using standard metadata and IDs

PerSCiDO promotes the use of standard identifiers to improve the visibility of datasets and to facilitate their linkage with related publications or source code. In this sense, PerSCiDO can provide Digital Object Identifier for your datasets.

User account Manage the datasets saved in your personal account

Your PerSCiDO account gives you quick access to your datasets and allows you to resume the edition of in-progress datasets. Besides, PerSCiDO relies on federated Authentication: you can log in directly via your usual identity provider form.

SPARQL Play with the SPARQL widget to query PerSCiDO data

The PerSCiDO data relies on triplestore graph technologies built upon standard vocabularies like RDF, RDFS, OWL, FOAF, DCTERMS, RADAR or FABIO. You can easily query the PerSCiDO graph using our dedicated SPARQL widget.

API Enrich your app with PerSCiDO data through the API

The PerSCiDO data is accessible via an Application Programming Interface (API). You can smoothly connect your application to the PerSCiDO API in order to programmatically retrieve the data you need for enriching your own data.